The Bitter End EP





Sargon's new EP "The Bitter End".
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012

Recording lineup:

Frank Morales: Guitar/Vocals
Kelly Conlon: Bass
Rickard Stjernquist: Drums
Guest Lead Guitars by: Rod Denis


released April 24, 2012

Produced and engineered by Ryan Butler at Ryan
ArcaneDigital Recording Studios in Chandler, Arizona.
Artwork by: Isagorath
Lead Guitars by Rod Denis (
Band Contact:
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SARGON Mesa, Arizona

Thrash N' Roll

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Track Name: The Bitter End
Blood red battlefields ahead
Look out
The cries of war
Darkness for us all

Never be the same
The sun blackens
Stone cold death
We heed your glorious call

Nothing can stop us now
Untravelled roads
We tread and conquer
Don't dare to stand on our way
Freight train is coming dead ahead

Must go on
Always standing tall
The prey, The hunter
Hate conquers all

Look in my eyes
What can you see
Blood splatters now
Get down on your knees

As I emerge victorious
The final battle you lost
As I emerge victorious
I bathe in your blood

This struggle has begun
There's no stopping
No reason why
Good fortune favors the bold
Don't look back
Don't give up
Armed with courage
We go into the fight
There's no fear in our hearts
On toward's the bitter end
Hold on tight
Never will we stray
Track Name: Wretched Affliction
Cold winter nights life force is fading
Gone is the will to survive
All is numb but pain and sorrow
Feel it tearing my flesh from the inside

How could I've been so naive
Hope to see you on the guillotine

I'll never make the same mistake
No trust
Dead and gone
No repentance
No turning back
Cold blood


A wolf is born inside it
The trying
The dying
Wretched Affliction

I would sell my soul to be by its side
It made me feel so alive
Can't I drink one more shot
I need it so bad
Track Name: Thrash N' Roll (Bonus Track)
One Hundred Twenty-Five I feel the energy in the air
Approaching the final time I'm not running scared
Feel the adrenaline rush flowing through my veins
Can't wait till it's time to rock The cold sweat's in the air

I need it I feel it
Don't want to loose this feeling ever again
The stars are shining bright
Thrashing and rolling don't be scared

Feeding off the fire on a speed corroded stare
The mosh pit rising to the point of no return
Feel the adrenaline rush flowing through my veins
Can't wait till it's time to rock the cold sweat is in the air

Been a while since I've Thrashed and rolled
Dust clouds forming above the floor
Feel the fire burning once again
Ready to Crash and burn
The ladies waiting to get a piece of me
Up to 11 the eardrums bleed
The dark lord watching underneath
Straight to Hell wait for me

Some people will never get what it's all about
Too bad it's too late get the fuck out
Raging on for eternity it's do or die
Stop before nothing it's your turn to die