In Contempt


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Sargon's debut album "In Contempt"
Music and Lyrics by Frank Morales
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2011

Recording Lineup

Frank Morales: Lead /Rhythm Guitars and Vocals
Alex Marquez: Drums
Rod Denis: Lead Guitar
Edgar Candanedo: Bass


released January 6, 2011

Recorded and Mixed at PTY STUDIOS by Ignacio Molino
Mastered at the Audio Refinery by Eric Koondel
Artwork by: Isagorath
Band Contact:
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all rights reserved



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Track Name: In Contempt
In Contempt

Long ago coming from a shallow place full of misery, pain and hypocrisy. In a place unknown to man where rules don't apply no respect

You will all perish into nothingness don't expect a helping hand. As you wither, cower in fear don't tell me no mercy kneel

Now you're on your own
I will see your open wounds exposed

Low lives everywhere with their condescending stare
Why don't you? Say it to my face you'll all be left in shame

Living pathetic empty lives you all just make me laugh
Take a look at yourselves don't wait for what others tell

Growing deeper in contempt
None shall be spared here I come!
Track Name: The Hunger
The Hunger

Walking a narrow path there's no room for error
No forgiveness trampling over everyone
There's no denial the road to hell is living fast
So hold on tight this is not meant for everyone

Make no mistake one false move and you're out
Leaving everything behind so alone
One shot at glory is all you get so be prepared
Someone get my out of here it's already too late

This life we chose takes it's toll no regrets
Everything has its price to pay
But I would not have it any other way

Playing hard, loud and fast
The world's a stage I want to play
Approaching the speed of light
Burn my wings take me away
Track Name: Drowning In Sorrow
Drowning In Sorrow

Walking alone in sorrow
You never came to me but
After my path grows stronger
You'll wish you'd never been born

How is that that you never
Realized what you took for granted
Ohh no how shameful
Now there's no turning back

Ohhhh noooo it feels so cold inside
Now I'm drowning in sorrow

Yes, I'll have my revenge
Look out here it comes
Who'll help you now
Now you're alone
You fucked up

No more tears wasted
Tears that you don't deserve
Drowning in eternal sorrow
Won't stop till my revenge

I gave you all my best
Track Name: Attack

Flying through the heavens
Riding across the world
Let nobody stop you
Firing bullets war

Pain and sweat is the only constant
Better luck next time it's all you'll ever get
People talking all pure nonsense
Self righteous bastards
Better than you and I

Look in the mirror don't like what you see
Better take it out on this human disease

Never getting anything done
Looking for the god of war
Weaker minds pay the price
The cost of your bullshit grows

Run for your life
There's no place to hide
From the Attack
You'd better stray to your
Past don't you know
Take me to a place
Where I belong
Every time that I fall
I grow Strong
Track Name: Crestfallen

Convince them make believe once for all they're eternal beings Force me to live outside myself consumed my inner self

Reaching beyond the horizon within my cloud of wisdom no longer taking your endless mental wordplay

Funny how things end up and life takes care of others
yet some hope but never get what they deserve

As I'm walking through the valley feeling so Crestfallen
Someone help me, Save me, Can't take this anymore

No more this is over don't want your empty intake
I've moved beyond your narrow minded path

Don't ask my why, don't want to know
your narrow mind will not understand
All the lies you told still resonate
no more this is over
Track Name: Restless

Drifting through a sea of hate and sorrow
Loneliness will not fade to bring peace of mind I call for
I will never get through this please kill my pain before it's too late and it ends by my own bare hands

Feeling so Restless I drown
You will regret all your deeds
I will crush you in two

Never ending Never fading pain it leaves broken in
Tomorrow will not come to save me
Purity of mind emotion gone the time has
come to say farewell to this heart of mine

As I'm walking through the Darkness
hear thy master calling thee
When giving birth your virginity lost broken
hymen bleeds innocence is gone

As you hang on the stone lungs explode
I feel so Cold a deep abyss an open earth
inside my head

When will this end When will I transcend Feeling cold
like mountain stones the light at the end of the tunnel
Fades Away

Look inside me tell me what you see
Nothing more but sorrow loneliness My destiny

You be gone from my Presence...
Track Name: Dead In Vain
Dead In Vain

Pain nothing stronger not in vain the beauty of my hate Those who betray so called friends this night we take revenge

Help me break these chains cast upon my dying self Lived in shame born again frozen heart beat again screaming out to warn thee of my living death filthy flesh impurity will I ever live again

Cursed and empty they remain majority determines our fate weak aside no place to hide

The ones who justify The ones who live a lie Nothing more will remain filthy flesh Dead In Vain!
Track Name: Thrash N' Roll
Thrash and Roll

One Hundred Twenty-Five I feel the energy in the air
Approaching the final time I'm not running scared
Feel the adrenaline rush flowing through my veins
Can't wait till it's time to rock The cold sweat's in the air

I need it I feel it
Don't want to loose this feeling ever again
The stars are shining bright
Thrashing and rolling don't be scared

Feeding off the fire on a speed corroded stare
The mosh pit rising to the point of no return
Feel the adrenaline rush flowing through my veins
Can't wait till it's time to rock the cold sweat is in the air

Been a while since I've Thrashed and rolled
Dust clouds forming above the floor
Feel the fire burning once again
Ready to Crash and burn
The ladies waiting to get a piece of me
Up to 11 the eardrums bleed
The dark lord watching underneath
Straight to Hell wait for me

Some people will never get what it's all about
Too bad it's too late get the fuck out
Raging on for eternity it's do or die
Stop before nothing it's your turn to die