Vehemence Demo


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Sargon's first Demo
Music and Lyrics by Frank Morales
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2009

Recording Lineup:

Frank Morales: Lead /Rhythm Guitars and Vocals
Alex Marquez: Drums
Edgar Candanedo: Bass

Thrash N' Roll from Phoenix, Arizona


released February 18, 2009

Recorded and Mixed at PTY STUDIOS by Ignacio Molino
Mastered by Ignacio Molino
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Thrash N' Roll

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Track Name: Dead In Vain (Demo)
Dead In Vain

Pain nothing stronger not in vain the beauty of my hate Those who betray so called friends this night we take revenge

Help me break these chains cast upon my dying self Lived in shame born again frozen heart beat again screaming out to warn thee of my living death filthy flesh impurity will I ever live again

Cursed and empty they remain majority determines our fate weak aside no place to hide

The ones who justify The ones who live a lie Nothing more will remain filthy flesh Dead In Vain!
Track Name: Restless (Demo)

Drifting through a sea of hate and sorrow
Loneliness will not fade to bring peace of mind I call for. I will never get through this please kill my pain before it's too late and it ends by my own bare hands

Feeling so Restless I drown
You will regret all your deeds
I will crush you in two

Never ending Never fading pain it leaves broken in
Tomorrow will not come to save me
Purity of mind emotion gone the time has
come to say farewell to this heart of mine

As I'm walking through the Darkness
hear thy master calling thee
When giving birth your virginity lost broken
hymen bleeds innocence is gone

As you hang on the stone lungs explode
I feel so Cold a deep abyss an open earth
inside my head

When will this end When will I transcend Feeling cold
like mountain stones the light at the end of the tunnel
Fades Away

Look inside me tell me what you see
Nothing more but sorrow loneliness My destiny

You be gone from my Presence...