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Flying through the heavens
Riding across the world
Let nobody stop you
Firing bullets war

Pain and sweat is the only constant
Better luck next time it's all you'll ever get
People talking all pure nonsense
Self righteous bastards
Better than you and I

Look in the mirror don't like what you see
Better take it out on this human disease

Never getting anything done
Looking for the god of war
Weaker minds pay the price
The cost of your bullshit grows

Run for your life
There's no place to hide
From the Attack
You'd better stray to your
Past don't you know
Take me to a place
Where I belong
Every time that I fall
I grow Strong


from In Contempt, released January 6, 2011
Music and Lyrics by Frank Van Kwartel
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2011



all rights reserved



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