In Contempt

from by SARGON



In Contempt

Long ago coming from a shallow place full of misery, pain and hypocrisy. In a place unknown to man where rules don't apply no respect

You will all perish into nothingness don't expect a helping hand. As you wither, cower in fear don't tell me no mercy kneel

Now you're on your own
I will see your open wounds exposed

Low lives everywhere with their condescending stare
Why don't you? Say it to my face you'll all be left in shame

Living pathetic empty lives you all just make me laugh
Take a look at yourselves don't wait for what others tell

Growing deeper in contempt
None shall be spared here I come!


from In Contempt, released January 6, 2011
Music and Lyrics by Frank Van Kwartel
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2011



all rights reserved



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